New - Saying hello & a question

Hi - new to the forum. I found this forum from a post on Facebook in a nutrition group I’m a part of.

I was wondering if anyone could help me with the nutrition tracker - that’s how I found the forum.

I wanted to sign up & was hoping that would enable me to add my weight & then edit the requirements for my intake of nutrition etc & some of the UK foods I eat & include the drinks ( oat milk ) etc so I can use the nutrition tracker to its full potential.

Kind regards & thanks in advance if anyone can help :grin:

Hey Tony.
Nutrition tracker is in active development and more vegan products will be added with time.
Till then you can create a custom food that you can use in your daily tracking.

Right now you can not add your weight, but you can set your goals for a nutrient or calories.

Here is the help page explaining how:

Let me know if you have more questions.

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Thank you :grin: I’ve started to add custom foods & finding this app / tracker really helpful :grin:

Hi - thanks for the help so far. I’ve manged to use the tracker now for a number of days and it’s really helpful so thanks for the this service.

I wanted to update some of the ‘custom foods’ I’ve entered but don’t seem to be able to see them on my custom foods list - even though I can enter them on my daily intake?


Hey Tony.
Thank you for your feedback. :slight_smile:
Can you please post a screenshot?
This is probably a bug. I have to investigate.

In the ‘ daily intake ‘ as an example you’ll see tofoo and viola cheese. Yet in my custom foods you’ll see they don’t appear.

Thanks for getting back to me Andrew.

Hey Tony! Sorry for late reply.
There was a limit of 30 foods I increased it to 100 for you.
I simply didn’t expect people to create so many custom foods.

Thank you for your precious feedback!
If you require any feature in this app please let me know.
I don’t promise that I will implement any feature but I will give it serious consideration.

Thank you so much for the increase. Fantastic news! Much appreciated ! I love this tracker !!!