new kid on the forum. :-P

Hi all of you.
I became a vegetarian after seeing with my own eyes ( undercover videos on the net, thanks Peta !) the saddening and heartbreaking cruelty that animals have to endure for that piece of meat or chicken that i mindlesly gobbled away every day.

Giving up meat, i endulged in eggs, cheese, and milk for a few years. I guess i wasn’t too clever to realise meat, egg or milk, it is all the same, i had to see again undercover videos of how dairy cows and chickens are abused to make that link and to give up eggs and milk.
After seeing the cruelty, going vegan is a very easy thing. When people say it is dificult being vegan, yeah of course, sometimes in a small way, but the only ones who are having a very hard time are the animals. We are just so lucky to be free.

Thats what did it for me too. I watched PETA’s video ‘Meet your Meat’ and couldnt even finish watching it. I was sobbing uncontrollably . If I couldnt even watch where my meat was coming from, I surely cannot eat it anymore! :pale: :silent: :pukeleft:

yah, heard it from quiet a lot of people, so that is why i still support Peta, their videos and information really change a lot of people into vegans. Unfortunately they also have some pretty wacky and embarrasing stuff…