new here...

New here. Needed someone to talk vegetarian with, without a big hassle, and got this question in psychiatry only a vegan separatist community might answer. Nothing hyper-religious (1 law in the garden), but where one can see of the psychic flow/chi/spirit in a vegan place, and a comment on vegan doesn’t create WWbillion, or ‘you don’t eat meat?’, and I don’t end up sick drunk because I wasn’t careful enough about my intake; where there is plenty of vegan around to get fat on because there are a lot of vegans around, and diet isn’t the prime concern, so we focus on other matters; where the carnivore energy doesn’t make me feel faggot all the time. Tired of the war spirit. Roots of religion. Peace.

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile:

Hello cfRedtwin :slight_smile: well try to make the bast we can ! :slight_smile: