New here. I like veggies.

I am new here. I am glad I joined. I like veggies.

I am a little annoyed how vegweb site has got a problem. It probably got hacked.

Whenever people try to tell me how natural it is to eat meat and how eating only vegetables is not normal, I tell them

Have you ever seen an apple tree or an orange tree. Doesn’t the fruit look good? If you have ever picked strawberries, you cannot wait to get them in your mouth. However, If you see a rabbit or duck, you don’t think to yourself “wouldn’t that be yummy?” All I can think about is a mouth full of fur. Yuck. I can’t think of anything natural about eating meat.

I will say this, however. Our bodies are likened to a hermit crab. There is not much protection or insulation to be offered, but humans populate the whole world. I believe it is perfectly natural to wrap up in an animal skin (after it has been washed and dried.) However, this is not practical in modern society, and there is plenty of natural materials that can be used for that purpose. (cotton, wool).

OK. That is my 2 cents worth.