New here and new to vegan

Just a quick note as I got to roll, but my wife and I are going vegan. It has only been say 7-10 days tus far. We have had some successes and some shortcomings. Anyway…I appreciate any support and tips. I do not want to d a lot of soy and my wife can’t do much soy anyway. I loved meat and dairy so I am on the lookout for great tasting replacement ideas. I was doing ok until Sunday I think then started getting gas really bad. I am not sure if it is a certain thing or what. I have to do something about it? Could it be soy? I am going to go to rice and oat milk. I am going to try nogurt when I can see if my supermarker will carry it. It is soy, dairy, gluten and wheat free. Anyway…that’s all for now.


Welcome to the forum, ChrisC. :slight_smile: I’m new here, too, though not all that new to veganism. It’s going on a year for me.

A lot of people find they experience the same problems you have. It more than likely is being caused by upping your consumption of bean and bean products: your system just needs time to adjust. It should pass (pardon the pun, haha) with time. :slight_smile: