New, Hello!

Hi everyone. As you’ve guessed I’m new and so I’m just doing the rounds and introducing myself.

My name is Helen, I’m 22 and a student living in Suffolk, England. I’ve been a lacto-vegetarian for about 2 months (I decided to “come out” after realising I wasn’t eating meat anymore – and for other ethical reasons which I’m sure you’re all familiar with).

Anyway, I do have a dilemma as I am allergic to eggs (which is cool - as you know the egg industry is a vile place and the damn things taste disgusting to boot). I’m also allergic to mushrooms (which rules a whole lotta nice veggie food out).

I think I might be lacking in protein (although I have been forcing Quorn down my throat), but I don’t like eating meat substitutes, as I hate the taste of meat anyway! But I don’t want to be lacking in anything so I take supplements to make sure.

Well I’ll stop ranting on now…If anyone has any tips or would like a chat please get in touch!

Thanks…Helen :slight_smile:

Welcome Helen!!!
Nice to see you arround.

Regarding lacking anything - I lived 8 years since I was 11 on lacto vegetarian diet. Without any supliments at all. I was also exercising quite hard. Wihtout any soya meat and stuff like this. And I was Great.

Email me at

I’d love to get together

Chris? You’d love to get together with me? :slight_smile:
If not then please specify before you write something like this, otherwise you can disappoint people you know… and make them sad… : :laughing:


Don’t be. :slight_smile:
I was just kidding around :slight_smile:

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile:

healf problems are a good motivation to start a healfy way of life in veggies mode :slight_smile: :slight_smile: wellcome :slight_smile: