New from NY

hi all, i’m from Long Island, NY. i am currently a vegetarian on the Nutrisystem plan and will be converting to vegan diet in about a month when i am finished with that food. I have always been “anti-dairy” (due to sinus problems) and can’t wait to finish this meal plan so i don’t have to have milk products in my meals anymore, but i already paid for it so…

hopefully in time i can become a “real vegan” in not using animal products also, but it’s so hard.

can’t wait to learn more from everyone here.

i know this is only my first day on this forum but why are there so many negative posts on this site? i understand that it’s good to have healthy debates on issues but it seems like it is less of the informative kind.

Hi Daraalt!

I find that there is a good balance of positive, negative info. People are debating and this is no personal picking.

Good luck with your new nutrition plan!

Hey daraalt…I’m also a newbie on this forum from LI (Huntington). Regarding negative comments…what good would it be if we all agreed? It’s one thing if someone purposely tries to irritate you with nonsense but what exactly is a “negative comment”? I think that would make an excellent thread in of itself. Is it a comment that shakes you up? why? Irritates you? Why?or simply just an obvious troll on the prowl?
For me, what I’ve learned through my years of meditation practice is to pay attention to “triggers” and use them for your benefit, not your downfall. See it as an inner exercise in understanding your own psyche and whats lacking and then work on it to grow.
My tag line…if you were capable of using one in this forum…would be…

“The obstacle is my path”

hi to all the member of this community site.i am rohan and i have recently joined this community site hope you all are enjoying here.have a great day to all.

HI all here,
I join this forum newly. I am much glad to find this kind of the forum and also find much data about the veggies diet, recipes, health related topics, veggies chat and many more. Hope to have nice time here with all of the member’s of the forum…

Hello everyone,
i am new in this forum, me very happy to join this forum, please welcome me guys, thanks…

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