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Hello-I’m new here and have never used a chat forum before. I just wanted to get in touch and get some support from like minded people. I becamse a vegan over a gradual time span; I was a pescatarian for 3 years, a vegetarian for 5 total, and now I’m a vegan. I’m new at the veganism, and I’m really overwhelmed. There’s animal by product in so many places I’d never think to look. Becoming vegan has made me so much more aware of this than I was when a vegetarian. I came to this site because I reached kind of a breaking point today. See, here’s the story–yesterday, I went to a salon, and I had my hair dyed for the first time in my life. In the middle of the process, it hit me: there’s probably animal by product in this. So, then of course, I come home, and google and google, and can find no ingredient list for the product I used, so I finally called Matrix and talked to a customer service rep. She told me there was glycerin in the hair color. So, now, I spent $100, trying something I thought was new and exciting, and now I feel so guilty and sad when I look at my hair. I love animals so much, and I can’t believe I bought animal fat and now, it’s part of my hair. I’m disgusted by it. I made an appointment with an organic salon to get my hair returned back to normal using peta endorsed products, but I can’t get that done for a week. I realize I’m not the one out there killing the animals, but everytime I think I’m being aware and doing my best, I find out I’m ignorant and do something stupid like buy hair product that has dead animal in it. I know this may seem like a small thing, but I’m sure you all understand, being a vegan can be so lonely and frustrating. Animals are sacred in my eyes, and now, I can’t even look at my own head in the mirror without wanting to cry. Someone who is more experienced in this, please send me some advice because I’m feeling really guilty right now.

I don’t think you need to beat yourself up over this. It’s far from a perfect world vis a vis being vegan. You do your best. Like you, I feel deep sadness over the exploitation of animals. I truly wished this didn’t ever have to happen.
I have a couple vegan friends who ‘choose their battles’ as it were, and if they’re in situations where they can’t avoid animal products, they just accept it. Same with me. While I am primarily now vegan, I’m not ‘militant’ about it.

And while I agree with peta’s dictums, I think their actions can be lunatic fringe, and thus, alienating to folks who’d otherwise support this organization.

On a side note, I personally wouldn’t undo your hair style. I mean, it cost you the f**king earth. Why pay again??? Just when you want to have it done again, use the salon that uses PETA approved products.

I have to say, that an all or nothing approach to being vegan drives me nuts. It caused me a lot of stress at times. So, over time, I’ve become flexible. Saves my sanity, lol…

Hi Nikki and welcome to the forum!
You know dying your hair once with a glycerin containing product isn’t huge tragedy.
There is probability that the glycerin was vegan too.
Being relaxed and showing the people around you that you are a really happy vegan is more important for helping animals than hating your hair. Just think if at least one person will become vegan because of you - your efforts in helping animals will double instantly. And if that person will motivate someone else to become vegan it will triple and so on.
Being genuinely happy and living a full life while being vegan that’s a good example to show people that might follow you. :wink:

While glycerin is made from animal fats it is not the only way to make it. It is made from animal fats because a lot of it is available cheaply. It also is a byproduct of the production of biodiesel via transesterification. And because biodiesel is becoming more popular so is vegan glycerin.

Thank you guys! That makes me feel better for sure. That’s good advice, and you’re both right. It is true that being a cheerful and healthy vegan is the best way to show others that it’s a lifestyle that works. Your replies really helped me to see things in a more positive light; so, thank you.

Welcome Nikki!!! Believe the Vegan veterans… Snog and Andy have wonderful advices… I can sense that, it really made you feel better… :smiley:

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