Need help with mice

Morning! I am new here and I need some advice. I live on a large farm animal sanctuary. There are hundreds of acres of fields surrounding my home with legions of field mice. My goal is to keep the mice in the fields and not in my home. I am not willing to use poison, I don’t want to kill the mice I just want them to enjoy being mice in the fields and stay out of my home. The weather will soon turn cold here and they will all try to move indoors for the winter. I have six live traps and I spend my winter loading them in the truck and driving then out to the fields and setting them free. It seem like they get back to the house before I do. Any suggestions?

There are multiple ways of leaving mice away from your house. First you can try not to leave bread or drinks on your table. Mice are attracted to any food and drink. Another good thing to do will be leaving trash in your trashcan. And most importantly you can seal off entrance paths with caulk and brillo pads. This will block the mice from entering your house. Another option will be using nail and wood to close off entryways.

And you can always get a cat to protect you from mice.

I am also curious how to ethically protect the house from mice invasion…