Nance (Byrsonima crassiflora)

Small, up to 1/2", orange-yellow fruit with an often acidic taste. Fruits are sometimes found for sale in Central American markets.

Description: Shrub or small tree to about 30ft.

Hardiness: Trees will grow in subtropical climates but are not very hardy. Trees are known to have survived brief freezes.

Growing Environment: The nance will grow on poor soil and can stand long periods of drought.

Propagation: Almost exclusively by seeds. Grafting is occasionally done.

Uses: Usually eaten fresh or used in drinks. A liqueur is sometimes made from the fruits.

Native Range: Native range extends from southern Mexico through northern South America. Its native range includes varied climates, from coastal, to arid semi-desert and humid tropical. As such, the nance is very adaptable to a wide variety of climatic conditions. Nance trees are not often planted, but the fruits are gathered wild and trees are left growing when forests are cleared.