Naked Action on 1st of January

Please report this information :

A vegetarian naked symbol (snow chrystal) will be formed on the ground at the bottom of the eiffel tower on the 1st of January 2004.

Beginning the year with humor, the vegetarians will brave the cold to show their non-vegetarians brothers that they have good health and invite them to take good resolutions : become vegetarian too !

Be cold 5 minutes, save thousands life with having occasion to give your peace and vegetarian message to all thanks to media…

Important, if you come to France, please join the action.
In champs de Mars, near Eiffel Tower, at 3:00 PM the 1st of January 2004 !!! Forward !
Contact : Elie Béteille, +33/160471408

Can you please post us information about how this performance have gone?