My first post

I am a 24 y/o vegan girl from Poland.
I`ve been vegan since 4 years and I am going to switch to raw food.
I never needed any “scientific” proofs to justify my decision of becoming a vegan. One day, the decision just simply crossed my mind and appeared to be so obvious and natural that I did not need to think twice. Being a vegan in Poland is not easy and there is very few people who decide to follow this path. I find it sad but on the other hand, it motivates me to devoting my free time on promoting this way of life by means of a web site.
I am very pleased to meet you! I find this community to be a great source of inspiration, feel free to contact me - I am always glad to exchange views.
Take care,

Hi and welcome to the forums!
I wouldn’t say it’s that hard, unless you insist on eating out, then it can really be a hard time finding even a vegetarian (and then convincing them to transform it to vegan) meal in a restaurant or a bar. But if there’s a veggie restaurant in your town, you’re suited. In any case, cooking your own meals is the best option and we really have nothing to complain about: cheap and tasty vegetables and fruits everywhere! I mean, if you have been to some of the western countries, you’ve surely noticed hor expensive vegetables they have and now '‘artificial’ they taste… As far as raw foods go, Poland is the place to live. :wink:
Take care. :slight_smile:

Hi Bojster,
I agree with you-in Poland vegetables are cheap and tasty. The problem is they are not available during the winter and as you know the winter can sometimes last for a very long time here…Sure, we have potatos available all the time but the truth is I avoid any food that contains a lot of starcher. Also, I gave up eating soups and bread so I have to think really hard what to do if I want to survive the winter! :slight_smile:
Recently I`ve become interested in sungazing. Perhaps this practice, as well as yoga, could help to restore a great amount of energy in the body so I could use it later, when no vegetables are available.


Yup, winter can be a hard time… then we eat mostly pastas with sauces, frozen vegetables and lots of pods (soy, lentil, pea), from which we make cutlets, pates, tofu etc. And, as you mentioned, potatoes. :slight_smile:

wazzuuuuuuuuup!!! :slight_smile:

wellcome here too :slight_smile: