My fellow veg(etari)ans,

My name is Brianna and I have been vegetarian going on four years. I am currently vegan and I’m loving every second of it. I’d be willing to give my life for a helpless animal. I protest at KFCs, McDonald’s, etc.

Actually, last night my mother and I went shopping, I came back with hummus, and I saw my mom drinking chocolate milk. Once I approached her, she said “Mmm, this is good milk.” After hearing this, at once I said “Hmm, I hope drinking the cow’s pus is worth it.” At once, she put the milk back. Although she didn’t pay for her sip of milk, I am proud of her. (I hope no one bought that milk)

My wish is for everyone reading this, is to vote for me. You see, I am running for Peta2’s Cutest Vegetarian and I need EVERY vote I can get to stay in the top five. If I win, I will receive a professional photshoot and I will be in my VERY OWN Peta2 ad. (Something of which I’ve wanted to do since my birth of vegetarianism.) I may only be 16, but please don’t underestimate me. I plan on making an impact on the world. Even if it’s small, my wish will be granted. But I need your help. You see, if I win, I will not only be in my very own Peta2 ad, but that will be the the beginning of my start to teach the world. Though, I’ve already begun.

Please just follow the link below and tell me if you’ve voted. I will do everything in my power to return the favor.

Please, and thank you.


I tried to vote but it looks like voting is closed down?