Multinationals Fight Climate Change

Multinationals Fight Climate Change
Eleven companies are teaming up to see how they can work with thousands of their suppliers to curb greenhouse gas emissions, an environmental consultancy said on Sunday.The companies in the program, called the Supply Chain Leadership Collaboration, include giants in their sectors like Cadbury Schweppes, Dell, Nestlé, PepsiCo, Procter & Gamble and Tesco.
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Interesting, but it’s too little too late.

Nestle has been boycotted by the NUS for years (not just for environmental reasons, but social ones, such as Nestle’s activities in Africa), and people are starting to boycott Tesco (in favour of locally produced, sustainable goods - especially since Tesco were banking their profits offshore to avoid tax some years ago). I suspect this is just a publicity stunt, to try and win back some customers.

Multinationals such as these are always going to be environmenally un-friendly to a point. They rely on long supply chains. They reduced their use of recyclable products in favour of plastics in the 70s. They overpackage their goods. Tesco manufacture cheap clothes in 3rd world sweatshops and then fly them halfway round the world. They have enormous supermarkets that need to be heated and lit 24 hours, and then padlock the rubbish skips so that poor people can’t take the huge amounts of food they throw away.

sounds interesting and quite difficult too…i hope that this can really help for the benefits of all…and im still hoping for it is not too late for everyone of us…

Thanks for the information. such a informatiove post. :slight_smile: keep it up.