I’m finding it tough to be vegan right now :frowning: The canteen at work has stopped selling vegan sandwiches again… My body is craving junk food… and I recently went to Germany and had to live off salad bagels for a week… :pottytrain5:

What do you guys do to stay motivated?

If your craving junk food, try some Swedish Fish, my favorite candy- they’re vegan and delicious.

I think my favorite part is cooking for myself. I’ve always wanted create wonderful dishes and making it look so simple at the same time.

My motivation? I always look at my old pictures together with my old laboratory results… That will always boost my craving for veggies… ehehehe

Never let yourself get hungry. Always have on hand some toasted nuts, fresh fruit, vegetables and whole grains to snack on. Plan your meals in advance so the you know for sure what is available for you when you do get hungry.

Junk food will kill you. Don’t eat it. Become your own personal chef and learn how to prepare fresh wholesome foods every single day. A good life is based on good nutrition.

I’m also finding it tough to be raw vegan. I’ve done it before, for two months, but I got off! I relapsed! Now I’m having a tough time getting back.


Go go go Ron… you can do it… hope this might motivate you… lol… try doing it slowly and i know you will end up what you really want it to be…