Morning Cardio

I’m planning to start doing morning cardio,
and i’m wondering if it is good or bad. should i take protein before?

its great, however you should do proper stretching and warmup to avoid injuries.

I always work out in the morning, usually within 1/2 hour of waking up. You don’t actually need to eat anything before a morning workout because your body will be working off of yesterday’s food anyways. Protein before isn’t necessary - if you were lifting weights, you could drink a protein shake afterwards… If you want a little boost for your cardio, a ripe banana (has spots) will be quickly digested and won’t get in the way of your workout. Hope that helps!

Working out first this in the morning is perfectly fine without taking protein beforehand. Since it is early, your body most likely won’t have enough time to digest any food eaten, and therefore effect your cardio routine in a negative way. I would do your cardio and then eat a solid healthy breakfast afterwards. This site has some good ideas for healthy post morning workout meals:

Hi Frank,
Morning cardio not only promote muscular development but also helps in losing weight and improve blood circulation system. Morning cardio strengthen the immune system, manage blood pressure and prevent from depression, stress and anxiety.

Morning Cardio is really good for you, but don’t forget to eat something such as fruits like apples or dragonfruits. The high content of vitamin C in dragon fruit can enhance the immune system to prevent many diseases. are low in fat and protein but rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals.
Cardio in the morning with an empty stomach is bad for your health. :smiley:

Here’s another consequence that may come about when you eat food high in vitamin C.


A cardio training in its classical sense, which activates the aerobic oxidation system.
What type of a cardio is the best fit for you is depends on your goal and your physical condition, heart rate? Low or high-intensity cardio workouts should be chosen depending on these aspects. Your body might be the best adviser during exercises. Each type of cardio workout has its advantages and disadvantages.