More Puns

An animal rights activist was speaking at a demonstration when suddenly someone threw a bottle of omega 3 supplements at her. Luckily, her injuries were only super fish oil. - :unamused:

That was totally uncalled for, if you ask me. If anyone else thinks so, please let minnow. – :angry:

:iroc: :albino: – “Now this is what I call RABBIT TRANSIT!”

I don’t carrot all for these puns. – :unamused:

Stop raisin cane, they’re naturally sweet already.

If I had a lime for everytime someone said that, they’d be green with envy.

What do you call a gourd that gets run over by a convertible? Summer squash.

How do you spell mushroom backwards? Shiitake.

What happened after you pulled my finger? Bean there, done that.

Now water we going to do to break the ice?


Knock, knock…
Who’s there…
Olive who…
I love you too.