More on helping Asha and Closing Down Natural Bridge Zoo

For those following the plight of Asha, the Elephant, and other animals at the Natural Bridge Zoo, in northwestern Virginia, I have more information on what you can do to resolve the matter. Since this is a Federal matter concerning the violation of many of the Animal Welfare laws, you need to contact the U. S. Attorney for the region who would prosecute the case. His information is as follows:

United States Attorney’s Office
For the Western Part of Virginia
P. O. Box 1709
Roanoke, VA 24008-1709

Phone: (540) 857-2250

Att: Anthony P. Giorno, U. S. Attorney

Please contact his office and demand immediate prosecution of all these violations against the Natural Bridge Zoo and get others to do the same.

If you have been following the story of Asha, the elephant, who has been severely mistreated, along with other documented abuses to animals being housed at the Natural Bridge Zoo in our state of Virginia, here is the latest update of the situation and what you can now do to help Asha by the individual leading the charge to get her freed and the action you can take:

"May 29, 2015 — I just learned that Rockbridge County Commonwealth Attorney Bucky Joyce can play a big role in getting Asha freed to a sanctuary, but he has asked to get everyone’s comments by end of day tomorrow (Friday, May 29) if there’s a chance of it happening.

"PLEASE take a moment to email him at or call him at 540-463-7337, urging him to free Asha to an accredited elephant sanctuary.

“We got some very frustrating news this week that the zoo will indeed be able to reopen because of a horrible lapse in judgment by the VA Dept of Game & Inland Fisheries. So we need all the help we can get right now and any emails you send to Mr. Joyce above are greatly appreciated! Thanks so much!”

If you care about Asha and other animals please take the action above. If you wish to learn about why we should shut down the Natural Bridge Zoo and actions you can take contact PETA at or call 757-622 -7382.