Michael Vick Should Never, Ever Have a Dog

Michael Vick should never ever, ever own a dog. He doesn’t deserve to have a dog for his entire life. He has never changed and continues to be just a phony lying phony. Just because His kids wanted to have a dog–well tough. He had his kids going to dog fights constantly exposing them to this horrible animal abuse. Did the kids enjoy what they saw and would like to do it when they grow up a and want a dog. I cannot help but agree with that person who said that Vick should not have a dog but rather get a goldfish instead and hopefully Vick won’t treat that goldfish the way he treated the dogs.

Vick hasn’t changed not one bit has he changed. Most of the ones on TV who said he should have a dog were black men. It was the white women and the people doing animal rescue that didn’t think Vick should have a dog.

The way he treated those puppies, those innocent babies pouring water on them to electrocute them What a horrible and excruciating way to die and Also consider the other things he did to dogs who didn’t want to fight like shooting them. Puppies don’t want to fight; babies don’t want to fight why not put human babies in to fight each other if he thinks it is so great

And I strongly agree with the statement of Peta that inasmuch as convicted pedophiles aren’t allowed free access to children, anyone who is responsible for hanging, electrocuting or shooting dogs and causes them to suffer in other unimaginable ways should never again be allowed access to dogs

Since writing the above I discovered a poll which shows at the time I found it that Vick was losing 57% out of 91,000 votes cast. Lets get that number up to 80% or more. Click on the following link and vote:

tmz.com/2012/07/18/michael-v … rs-morgan/

I would like to give an even greater insight to the controversy surrounding Michael Vick’s desire to get another dog. I hope this insight will allow the public to understand there is a greater need to deal more seriously with those who abuse animals and not let them get off the hook with these abuses.

Pro football star Michael Vick has written a book that will be out in September, and he is promoting it on the talk and sports show circuits.

True to form, Vick and his handlers continue to offend and incense animal lovers and anyone else, for that matter, who is concerned about the sports/entertainment industry turning a blind eye to criminal brutality by players and other celebrities.

Apologists say that Mr. Vick has paid his debt to society by serving time in federal prison and that he should be allowed to get on with his life and his profession.

In truth, Vick served time for the federal charges of “Conspiracy to Travel in Interstate Commerce in Aid of Unlawful Activities and to Sponsor a Dog in an Animal Fighting Venture.” And, while his participation in dog fighting and the death by hanging of some of his dogs was a sentencing consideration, he did not serve time for animal cruelty, which may be the reason he routinely avoids expressing regret for what he did to his dogs.

This apparent lack of remorse and lack of expressed concern for the suffering he caused — whether because of lawyerly advice to avoid self-incrimination or due to a big void in his moral make-up — is what infuriates those of us who believe that Vick has not only not paid his debt to society for torturing and killing animals, but hasn’t even expressed remorse about it.

Rather, he talks about letting people down and making mistakes, and so on. He apologizes to the kids who looked up to him and to his family, but never approaches anything close to being truly sorry for what he did and allowed to occur at Bad Newz Kennels.

By court order, Vick is barred from owning a dog for three years after his release from prison. With the three years about to expire, one of the points covered on a recent national TV talk show was his apparent desire to get another dog. He says his kids really want a dog and, therefore, he should be able to have one. Considering how well he cared for his previous dogs, you can imagine the response that this statement draws from the animal-loving public.

When we are often asked if we think Vick should be allowed to own another dog. While his eligibility for dog ownership is a matter of law, imagine, if you would, what it would be like reading through a potential dog adoption application from Michael Vick:

–How many dogs have you had in the past? If yes, how many? Lots
–Do you still have a dog(s)? No
–If you have had dogs in the past, please let us know their current disposition. Dead or confiscated by federal authorities.
–If you no longer have other dogs, please let us know what happened to them. Some I sold to dog fighters, some I had my
cousin electrocute or shoot, some I personally strangled, drowned or body-slammed to death.
–Why do you want to get a dog at this time? Because I served my time in prison.

OK, thank you, Michael. We’ll get back to you on your application.

On a more serious note, the dogs who were rescued from Vick’s dog-fighting operation continue to suffer the consequences of his intentional cruelty. Many of the 22 Vicktory dogs who were sent to Best Friends (only the unique and qualified place) for rehabilitation arrived with a hidden killer circulating through their blood – babesia gibsoni, a fatal blood-born protozoan parasite that destroys red blood cells and ultimately causes death. It is virtually impossible to cure and treatment of symptoms involves long-term steroid therapy, which is itself debilitating.

It is a terrible, wasting disease that is spread primarily through blood-to-blood exchanges during dog-fighting matches. Luca who once was Vick’s grand champion fighter, has B. gibsoni. He is a wonderful dog who, for years has spent his days visiting with different staff at Best Friends as an occasional office dog. Lucas loves people and everyone loves him, his heavily scarred face and head notwithstanding.

Lucas survived the fighting ring and the “tender mercies” of Vick and his cohorts, but he is struggling with babesia. It is painful for those at Best Friends to watch his decline and just another reminder of the actions of an unrepentant dog killer. And they ask keep Lucas in your thoughts and prayers.

As you can see some of this material was obtained from one who works at Best Friends and formatted to fit this response but it clearly gives all a greater knowledge of the full ramifications of Vick’s evil actions, which we must do everything possible to prevent from happening again and that is why I do not believe Mr. Vick should ever be entrusted to the care of any animal companion.

Have you seen the picture of Michael Vick and his daughter sitting at their kitchen table? There is a box of Milk Bones in the corner of the shot- leading people to believe he has already gotten another dog…