Michael Vick--a Wimp

What Michael Vick did yesterday by cancelling his appearance on the Ophra Winsley show really didn’t surprise me. I believe the reason he failed to appear is that he is a phony, coward, wimp and a liar. He knew Ophra is an animal lover and would pose questions to him he would not answer or try to answer because if he finally told the truth the audience and the whole world would turn against him. His cowardly action here makes him a very, very small excuse of a man who has no guts.

Anyone who thinks he is a hero should look in the mirror and see another coward looking back at him. I am not as scared of people as Mr. Vick is. I will take him on whether it be a football field, talk show or anywhere else at anytime. In fact I am writing the National Football League to insure Mr. Vick reads my comments and accepts my challenge.

I and many others feel Mr. Vick has not paid the full price and received just a mere slap on the wrist for the suffering and misery he has inflicted on the animals under his care. And if he can’t face the heat about his past, then it is obvious he has plenty to hide on everything he did when he owned those poor, tortured dogs. I will continue to be a thorn in his side until justice is done.

There are actually a number of particulars like that to take into consideration. That is a great point to carry up. I offer the thoughts above as basic inspiration but clearly there are questions just like the one you carry up where an important thing shall be working in trustworthy good faith. I don?t know if finest practices have emerged round issues like that, however I am sure that your job is clearly recognized as a fair game. Both girls and boys really feel the impression of only a second’s pleasure, for the rest of their lives.

How can you wish to be violence against other man? He is animal after all, also you wish violence on animal then! Who is this Michael Vick that you could wish him be less than animal however?