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Matt Traverso, a consultant Endocrinologist and diabetes
In recent years, the proportion of people with diabetes greatly disturbed the Medical Center and based on health issues in the community. And thus regretted that the share of Jordan high (12%-20%) When compared with other communities. This situation led to numerous research studies to see what happens and how to deal with it and because of serious complications caused by diabetes, such as cardiovascular disease (heart, brain, kidney, eye, etc.). Leading scientific research to find out why the emergence of diabetes and demonstrated that there are major factors share the events of the disease are:
(Working alkromoswe) genotype on overseeing the formation and function of pancreatic cells produce IGF-and alansline.
(Environmental factor) age, race, obesity, and physical activity.
It is clear that the possibility of medical intervention to help protect against diabetes related to combating obesity and lifestyle change daily to increase activity and movement so that we can reduce the impact of these factors, while we can’t do anything for age, race, body algbeni structure. Medical studies also showed that the weight and increase the movement managed to reduce the incidence of diabetes by about 30-40%. We can now give the answer to the first question: protection from diabetes is not only possible but also necessary and this must begin before the onset of diabetes (pre-diabetes stage, which in turn may cause hardening of the arteries or other even without diabetes). Before beginning the prevention program should identify the persons qualified to diabetes and then make some medical examinations to determine whether you should intervene therapeutically in medicine or not

Yes. Insulin resistance and metabolic syndrome are precursors to type 2 diabetes.

Some doctors refer to metabolic syndrome as prediabetes. Someone with type 2 diabetes will always develop metabolic syndrome first.

How common is metabolic syndrome? The CDC estimates that over 30% of Americans have it. Most aren’t even aware of it. But if you’re obese, it’s likely that you have it to a degree with