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In this writing we are going to examine the reliability of the Bible, especially concerning the Gospels. For these matters may be problematic for many people and they may lose their faith because of the same matter. Often many researchers’ statements, in which they may doubt the history of the Bible, or in which they may say, that “In reality there has never been any miracles”, may influence people’s minds. They may say, how the Bible is not reliable in those things, about which it tells.

However, it is good to notice, that these kinds of statements are not anything new, but those have been presented already almost during the last two hundred years. Actually it is interesting to notice, that simultaneously when the Darwin’s theory of evolution and the ice age theory became well-known among people, started also so said higher criticism against the Bible to gain ground. Into view started to come researchers, who started to question writings about the life of Jesus and other events of the Bible. For they perhaps thought, that if the creation and the Flood are not true in the light of the previous theories, so what reason we have to believe in information about Jesus. So certainly it is not any accident, that these all three matters came out almost simultaneously.

In any case it is good for us to go into this area. The purpose is to help especially those people, who want to know more about this matter, and how reasonable it is generally to trust in events, which have been mentioned in the Bible. If you struggle with this matter, it is worth your while to read the next lines.

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