Mercy for All Animals

Mercy for All Animals
More than 10 billion intensively-raised land animals will end up on dinner tables this year in America alone. They’re made of flesh, blood and bone and can feel love, happiness, loneliness and fear just like the dogs and cats we ask our pastors and rectors to bless.Yet because they were born chickens or pigs or cows, these animals are denied everything that is natural to them.
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The recent focus in the media on dog fighting has brought up a whole new level of animal cruelty. I am appalled by some of the recent things I have learned dealing with abuse to animals, not only dogs but even professional sports that involve animals…I’ve recently learned of some of the practices used in bull-riding and horse racing which make me want to question further…Anyone familiar with these topics?

My opinion that we should stop using animals anywhere we exploit them.

personally, I am not for dog fighting… They are letting dogs hurt other dogs for the to gain money. What benefits will they get in dog fighting anyway?

ya, i agree to the point that we should stop exploiting the Animals. one should stop hunting and eating Animals.

I think I can never understand why people exploit animals. Do they really feel happy watching these animals get hurt? Do they not think that what if these creatures also talk to each other and plan a war to humans. I know I sound crazy but it’s just a thought. :slight_smile:

Some people do enjoy hurting animals. I think it’s because they are hurt themselves and they like feeling superior by tearing down something that can’t fight back.

yeah, the masochist and the sadist… but why do they need to do it to animals?

Maybe because animals can’t fight back the way people can? Or maybe circularmotion is right. They feel superior over them.

I recall telling a friend that I thought cockfighting was cruel. She said it’s part of her culture. I still cannot condone something because it’s part of any particular culture. Cruelty is cruelty. It was part of Nazi culture to kill 6 million plus people…

I prefer not to read about what happens to animals in various sporting activities. I believe it all to be abusive to the animal. I wouldn’t even get on a horse to ride it. The horse cannot consent so I just wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t be surprised if there were atrocities going on behind the scenes of respectable sporting industries such as horse racing. It happens everywhere and makes me furious.

About hurt people doing things to hurt animals…I’d agree about these people being damaged or disconnected from the reality of the suffering they cause in some kind of way. Maybe they deserve our empathy…just can’t quite bring myself to feel it.

What tribe is that snog? Haven’t heard of some culture like that… Here in our place cockfighting is a part of a gamblers hobby. :angry:

An American tourist fought off panic when an Australian tour boat company accidentally left him stranded near the Great Barrier Reef in his snorkeling gear.
Michigan 28-year-old Ian Cole says he grew frightened when he surfaced and realized the Passions of Paradise tour boat was gone last Saturday. Since American couple Tom and Eileen Lonergan disappeared after being left behind by a boat in nearby Port Douglas in the 1990s, tour companies have followed strict head count rules, the AFP reports. You can watch an Australian TV news report on the incident in the video above.
“Panic kicks in, your heart rate goes up, and you don’t know what’s going to happen. I was sucking water back into my snorkel and was really trying hard to stay calm,” Cole told the Sydney Morning Herald.
Cole saw another tour boat and says he swam about 15 minutes to reach it. ‘‘When I got to the other boat they looked down like ‘what the hell are you doing here?’ They said my boat had left 15 minutes ago. I thought they were joking.’’
The staff member who failed to do an accurate headcount has been fired, the paper says, and Cole was given a $200 restaurant voucher and a refund for the trip.

Im familiar with bullriding and horseracing both. What would you like to know? Perhaps I can answer your questions.

animal testing is among one of the worst animal abuse. If anyone knows any events about supporting animal rights then i would really like to be informed about this. I have been to several marches to support these animals, primarily animal testing. Please keep me updated. I am an animal advocate and i would love to be their voices!

-animal testing
-farm animals in factories
-entertainment (dog, bull, and rooster fights, zoos, circuses)
-sports (hunting)

I forgot to include horses in carriages and animal races

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