Melon Outbreak

Recall of pre-cut watermelon, honeydew melon, cantaloupe, and fruit medley products

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News to me (glad I don’t eat that stuff or raw salads in general) :tongue6:[/align]

Wow! That’s a bit sad. I love melons.
Thanks for posting.

Yeah, I always thought the precut ones were overpriced, and it’s especially sad that people got sick after paying that much for something with a high percentage of water by weight in the first place. You’d think the people cutting it would make enough of a profit to want to avoid screwing that up, but no! It’s murphy’s law with raw foods I guess. At least a couple of companies I’ve read about being involved in an outbreak went bankrupt as a result, yet this doesn’t prevent others from cutting corners (well hey that’s a pun)! :downtown: Big melon recall… who knew? Isn’t cucumber-melon a popular fragrance, well there was another outbreak caused by cucumbers too.

Overpriced or not, I wouldn’t eat raw produce at this point, after reading up on how often food poisoning occurs as a result (it happens all the time, it’s happening right now)… but I digress, and hope anyone involved is doing well now.