Meat tastes too good to become a vegetarian.

Meat tastes too good to become a vegetarian.

LOL! :laughing: I wondered what had happened to you, Backwood :smiley:

Have you ever tried human meat?
Backwood, I heard it’s delicious!

BigBecka, he is probably kidding or trying start a flame :slight_smile:

I know :stuck_out_tongue: I was bored… I still am! :slight_smile:

I heard it tastes like pork. I don’t know who found that out though :unamused:

Huh, I seem to have turned into Vegan Forums Guest :confused3:

It now happens when you forget to login. :wink:
It’s a new thing, now guests can post messages too, without registration… but they have to enter the image confirmation code to avoid automated spam.
I hope it will make vegtalk forums more popular.
btw how do you like the new design?

Is the quick reply form at the bottom of each topic useful?


Yes, I like the quick reply :slight_smile: - it’s very useful - sometimes my computer used to time out while I was trying to reply, which was annoying

I think this is an excellent idea - sometimes you just want to post a comment without joining. It also means you can post something anonymously, if you are shy, or want to say something controversial :wink:

This made me think not only twice but several times… I know you are just joking… :compress:

HAHAHA!!! yeah i agree! you drink human milk when you’re a baby and you eat cows AND drink their milk, so hey, eat humans too! after all, we’re all animals here… :wink: