meat is murder?

I cant quite decide…

What else would it be?

If you value similar sentience, then flesh consumption is comparable to human murder. This doesn’t say that animals and humans have equivalent characteristics. It says that even though species differences may exist, none of them are important enough to warrant treating one species as pets, and one species as food, for example.

Interesting, but how you define murder to suit your question?

I’m not speaking for the OP, but I’m defining murder as the intentional, unjustifiable killing of sentient life.

good points raised here.
eating the flesh of brutally tortured and killed animals is unethical,
inhumane, and exceedingly cruel and sadistic.
yes meat is murder.

if you are looking for a precise textbook definition for murder, we can quibble about it all day. :dontknow:
to kill another being unlawfully.
to kill brutally or inhumanly.
and death for no reason is murder. - from the smiths song Meat is Murder.
may i suggest that you watch earthlings, if you can stomach it.
the animal rights FAQ

I would say that the only time taking an animals life is justified is when the animal is suffering beyond belief and is on the verge of dying a slow death. This would be a humane time to end an animals life.

Otherwise killing an animal just for the sake of a couple of meals or for clothing is completely unnecessary at this day in age. People are presented with a variety of meal options that do not involve animals at all. Using an animal for your own personal gain at this day in age is just plain selfish.

massacre and slaughter sounds like murder to me!

Yes, meat is murder because you killed an animal so you can eat it.

It is no longer the stone age - we do not have to kill animals for food, or warmth.

There are many meat alternatives out there, so obviously better than others. Purses, shoes, clothing, personal care items and household cleaners all come animal free.

Watch undercover footage of the treatment of animals on factory farms, and in slaughterhouses. Then understand these animals are sentient beings, subjected to horrific cruelties, and suffering beyond comprehension.

So yes, it is murder.

Ofcourse meat is murder. Unless an animal happens to throw itself on the grill (not likely). Animals definitely feel pain and emotion. It is completely obvious unless you have the brain of a caveman. They suffer their whole lives on factory farms where they never really get to enjoy life as they deserve. They watch as the animals ahead of them (their family,friends and neighbors) are thoughtlessly slaughtered in cold blood. You can see the fear in their eyes as they scream and try to escape. :help:

Maybe this could help you decide.

Very powerful movie !

Claudia Pastorino says so too (okay, she murdered that song, but I’d still like to meet her). She sings beautifully in Italian, by the way (it’s more of an ugly song methinks).