Mean human beings don't love all pets equally

Actually this is a very interesting topic. =)
What are animal rights in relation to each other?
And who has the power or the right to be the judge?

All pets can be loved equally, all people are different, some like dogs, some like cats, and some like locusts.

Indeed. Some like them because they’re said to be tasty :stuck_out_tongue:

I meant as pets not as food.

I’ve heard about people having spiders as pets, but locusts …

In response to the thread’s topic, I think that mean people are likely to have animals as pets. I think that pets are somehow a reflection of a person’s identity or character. Usually pitbull owners, although not all of course, are people who like streetfights and are very violent by nature just like their dogs. In truth pitbulls are not really beautiful dogs rather they are very tough and have the inclination to fight with other dogs.

That’s a rough picture :astonished:

To say that the typical pitbull owner is one who likes street fights and is very violent by nature just like the breed is obnoxious. Perhaps people with an inclination to street fight or who have tendencies towards violence may choose to own pitbulls because they feel it makes them appear tougher or serves as a representation of their masculinity due to the muscular, strong appearance of pitbulls but not all pitbull owners are like that. It is like the saying “all elephants are gray but not everything that is gray is an elephant”. Pitbulls are beautiful dogs; they may appear to be tough and vicious but are really gentle and sweet natured dogs. Certain people exploit them by forcing them to fight other dogs and teaching them to be aggressive but those behaviours are learned, not inherent. If you had any personal experience with pitbulls or did any research on them you would know this to be the case.