May 5th, 2015

Edgar suddenly wakes up in his bed. He looks over at the alarm clock and sees that it’s only 5 am. No matter, he decides to get up anyway,

Edgar takes a shower, gets dressed and then goes outside to pick up a newspaper at a box down the block a bit. On his way back, he passes by a guy who is walking five dogs. When he reaches the front yard of his house, he notices that there are exactly five dandelions growing on his lawn. Edgar then goes back into his house and makes himself a coffee. He sees that he has just five cubes of sugar left to sweeten his coffee with. Anyway, when he’s done making his coffee, he takes it with him, sits down at the kitchen table and finally gets around to reading the newspaper that he had just picked up. Edgar sees that today’s date is May 5th. He takes note that that’s the fifth day of the fifth month of the year and that there’s a “5” at the end of “2015” as well.

Later in the day, Edgar decides to play the ponies at the local racetrack. Since everything seems to be coming up fives today, Edgar tries his luck by betting on horse number 5 in the fifth race. Well, wouldn’t you know it! The horse comes in fifth.