Man faces California fire charges

Man faces California fire charges

US authorities say they will charge a 36-year-old man with murder in connection with a California forest fire which killed five firefighters.
Raymond Oyler was arrested on Tuesday in connection with two other fires started in June, but police say he was also involved in the 26 October blaze.
Four firefighters were killed last Thursday when the flames changed direction as they battled a house fire.
A fifth man died in hospital on Tuesday after suffering 90% burns.
The deaths led the authorities to offer a $500,000 reward for information about the fire.

‘Sober review’

Mr Oyler could face the death penalty or life imprisonment if convicted.
An air tanker drops fire retardant near Banning, California
Helicopters, air tankers and a DC10 aircraft tackled the blaze
Riverside County District Attorney Rod Pacheco said he would not rush to draw conclusions in the case.
“In the next 60 days, our office will make its determination whether or not to seek the death penalty against the suspect and soon-to-be defendant, but only after a careful and sober review of the evidence, the defendant’s background and the particular nature and circumstances of this case,” he said.
Police said they had recommended that Mr Oyler be charged with five counts of murder, 11 of arson and 10 of use of an incendiary device.
The fire destroyed 34 homes and devastated more than 60 sq miles (153 sq km) before it was contained on Monday.

Is the arrested guy a pyromaniac?

Most probably since this is not the first case and only case filed against him in connection with firestarting. Although this may be his first case with multiple murder charges. If found guilty he may face life imprisonment or death penalty.