Making a DVD to hand out - Ideas Please

Okay, I’m planning on making and handing out hundreds of free DVDs to the public. Why DVDs? Because they are cheap, and I think a moving images and sound have much more impact then still pictures and words such as a leaflet.

A good DVD Cover?

Any ideas? Each DVD I hand out will have a case with a cover insert. I have NERO 7 Ultra Edition and so this will be very easy to make as soon as I have some good ideas.

I would like something that might tempt a person to play the DVD as this is the first and foremost priority to begin with. Otherwise they may just throw it away. Maybe something… Suspicious? Daring? Challenging? Insightful?

They don’t need to know what’s on it. Infact, it might be better they didn’t. They just have to put it in their DVD player and play it. That’s all.

Good DVD Videos?

Mild / Childrens Videos -
Lets ask the animals (explains the intelligence and needs of several farms animals)
Farm Animals and US 1
Farm Animals and US 2

Hardcore Vegan
Meet your meat
Fishing hurts
Chew on this - 30 reasons to become a vegetarian

What do you think of these videos so far?

  • Please remember that ALL videos must be shareware, or I could be sued *

Would it be a good idea to include the mild videos? Or do you think the hardcore scare tactic might be a better option?

Also, where could I get a shareable vegetarian startup video?

And an all purpose link? Somewhere simple on the web a person can go to get started?

Please, any ideas no matter how small would be greatly appreciated. Hundreds of these DVDs will be handed out. Who knows. Someone might even watch one.


Hi, Dreamer!
I lack ideas at the moment, may be something will come to my mind…
I just wanted to say that I can help with 3D animations.
I’m a 3D artist…

You should find some videos of naked/sexy AR campaigns, like lettuce ladies and promote dvd as having those videos, it will be guaranteed that most males will view your DVD.

Thank Andy. That’s awesome. This might come in very handy. :smiley: I’ll be sure to let you know when I have an idea, and by the same account please let me know if you have an idea.

I think the lettuce ladies would actually draw more attention to the females as society has certain physical standards for the female body shape. I think many woman would buy into vegetarianism/veganism simply for the fact that vegans have a 90% less chance of becoming obese. And that studies show vegans have lower BMI’s then regular omnivores. Not to mention the incredible health benefits.

I do like the idea, but I think it works well on a very small portion of the population as so I question it.

Please keep the ideas coming though. I love’em. :smiley:

Hi Dreamer,
Love the ideas. I think you’re right that health benefits of being vegan can be attractive. I also think the emotive side of the dairy industry gets to at least some women (I heard a radio article some years ago about how the cows all ‘cry’ horribly when their calves are taken from them, and the reporter found the scene reminiscent of a greek tradgedy - it’s something that really stayed with me, and could make a good dvd?)

Meet your meat and Fishing Hurts could be really effective - I know a lot of people who question whether fish feel pain (and lobsters - there was some high profile discussion a few years back about whether boiling lobsters was cruel).

Hope that’s the sort of thing you’re after!

A great Idea is to use bit torrents to spread videos.
People usually discuss the videos they download in the bit torrents site - so
you can explain a lot of things to them if questions appear.

I second it !

Now after I’ve seen this movie I would recommend showing it to as many people as possible.
It’s a bit harsh bit it is very effective.

Animal lovers will be happy to see them live in natural way, the way they live at their own style.
If you can take some shots in the nearest forest then it will quite interesting that you will show the audience a Real picture.

Second idea is that animals and human children have a good combination and it reflect natural beauty and scene. It will be more attractive and you will be appreciated.