Luxury vegan cars

I know that many luxury cars offer leather seats as an attribute of luxury.
I was wondering if there are luxury vegan cars, that has all the luxury parts and still be vegan.
I am also interested in cars brands that in principle do not use leather on any of their car models.
Feel free to post if you know anything about vegan cars.

wow, this is an old thread

Just found out that Mercedes use faux leather or Leatherette.
Going to search for more but this is a good start. Just wish the Audio A3 did the same.

No true vegan can even consider drive, so many animal product used in automobile! And if not actual automobile, then in build process or design and thinking process, and always design by meat eaters because true vegan would not design such horrible ecological bad prohuman device. Only vegan way of travel is of the foot or by other consenting person. My brother Artyom often consent with me and we go many places like “wheelbarrow”, but if he does not consent then we must not go by wheelbarrow or if I do not consent also. We have old cart of ass but enslaving ass or horse or maybe cow to carry such cart behind would be torture as they can not consent as they do not speak many language so we convert cart using only wood that is dead and on ground before so that we do not kill tree simply for own betterment and also now only has one wheel like wheelbarrow to make easier to drag. So now if need to go long distance or get supply for lifestyle then we do wheelbarrow or if I need only go place that is nearby then I go by foot and leave Artyom behind (but first I lock away all vegetables, brother Artyom is fat bastard! :wink: I joke, brother Artyom is very good man, it is true).

Good for you beliov729, try living in America with only a wheelbarrow.
I’ve only been vegan for a few years now and it’s all about making the best choice in front of me.
You think I like buying gas? There are many ways we can cut down animal massacre. Let’s start with the obvious, food and car seats! :smiley:

Your effort is good start but you have long way to go! Every effort used for saving of other animal is one well spent, it make the warm fuzzy inside you grow big and strong. Maybe not use cart of the ass, but maybe have bicycle? I see once in st-petersburg, once I see bicycle with three wheel and man lay on back and very easy to pull along trailer and much smaller than car and not consume of petrol and also look relaxing and of comfort. It was very good idea I think.

But start is good, if I can suggest (is only suggestion, I think it may find helpful) you should arrange many goals for reaching and cutting down on unveganism, like say maybe you will stop using such-and-such in six months, and something else in twelve maybe, very good way to make transit to vegan easy especially if you write down somewhere public so you just not say oh well, nobody knows anyway.