Luxury Choc Banana Ice Cream


      o 1/2 container (8 T) plain 'Yofu' soya yoghurt, (or similar brand)
      o 1 carton soya cream (to economise, use 200 ml / 6 3/4 fl oz soya milk + 50 ml / 1 3/4 fl oz oil)
      o 2 heaped T cocoa powder
      o A few squares (approx 40 g / 1.3 oz) of your favourite vegan chocolate, melted (I used Green and Blacks cooking choc)
      o 2-3 T maple syrup (to economise, use normal syrup, but flavour won't be as rich)
      o 1/2 t vanilla essence
      o 1-2 banana(s) (depending on size) 

Liquidize everything, then pour into an ice cream maker.

If you don’t have an ice cream maker, chop the banana into small chunks and freeze beforehand. When blending everything, do it really thoroughly to get lots of air in, then pour into a suitable container and freeze for about 2 hours.

Texture won’t be quite as good, but taste will be the same.

This sounds soooooo good! I have to make this soon. :compress:

Most of us are craving for ice cream that’s why ice cream recipes are so yes to us… You must also try the banana-maple ice cream Quidam :smiley:

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