Low in fat

hey everyone, i have been tracking my nutrients recently and the only thing i am consistently low in is fat and the omegas.
I cant eat most nuts or seeds, so i rely on mostly avocados, soy products, larabars, and cashews.
any tips on how to get enough fat as a vegan? i haven’t experienced any issues with it yet but i’ve only been vegan for 1.5 years and i am kind of concerned by how low the levels are! (20-50% of daily values)
don’t send me things about low fat diets, i don’t believe in them and they lead to very disordered behaviours for me.
thanks in advance!

Try the USDA Nutrients List. Select total lipid (fat) for first nutrient, then what food groups you want from the drop down list, and sort by nutrient content. Here’s that without nuts (except peanuts are a legume), including vegetables, legumes, grains, oils, fruits, and herbs. Avocados are in the fruits group, which could be listed alone too. By the way, if you select measure by: 100 grams, instead of Household, something like olives won’t be way down the list, because they were measured in tablespoons, while something with less fat by weight was higher up, if measured in cups. Fatty acids can also be selected as individual nutrients, such as monounsaturated, etc.