Well, this might explain some things, I think. … 1946646810

Swaggering Pigs … 022517172/

We all have that one friend who is a little different, don’t we? … 673985615/

When you’ve forgotten your password yet again! … 122502598/

Cat Curling :cat:

This alpaca should try a moisturizing shampoo, I think. – lol … =2&theater

When you’re to cool to be walked on a leash. – lol … er-be.html

A kangaroo doesn’t realize that being a kangaroo means that you’re sort of on a trampoline already. – lol



Meanwhile in Canada today… … 1318022649

A dog on one side of an iron gate barks at the dogs barking back on the other side of the gate, but when the gate opens up, watch what happens.



Hats for Toads



“This is an LOL but you’ve got to wait for it.” – :duckie: … 886489007/