List of Vegan Commercial organisations

Here I would like to compile a list of Vegan Companies, companies where CEO is vegan or companies that have a general ethical philosophy that promotes Veganism and Animal Rights. i.e companies that would be likely to hire a veggie.

Please write one reply per company, and please add the name of the company in the subject line and the description of the company in the message itself as shown below.

Name: [size=150][color=darkblue]Royal Web Hosting[/size]
Occupation: Web Hosting Provider.

Relation to vegetarian lifestyle:
All emplyees are at least vegetarian.
Promotes vegan lifestyle by developing different internet projects:,,
Hosts a big vegan mailing list for free.
Helps vegetarian organisations in developing countries.
Offers special ethical discounts to Vegans, Vegetarian and Animal Rights activists.

I am glad to see that there is a place to post for ethical jobs for veg*ns. Arbonne International is a company that has never tested on animals in their 25 year history and uses no animal by-products in their skin care, cosmetics, and nutritional products.

Besides being a vegan business and having fabulous products, there is great potential for earning with this company.

I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne and was happy to find this business opportunity for myself. I am looking for motivated people who I can coach to success in this business as well. Please contact me for more information or visit my website! Thanks. Jennifer

Annasa is a Network Marketing company.

I have come on board as a distributor and a consultant.
They will be focusing on Vegan nutritionals and animal friendly cosmetics.

We are currently setting up a foundation that will educate people about nutrition and veganism as well as support Animal Rights Groups.

We are talking to PETA right now to become a corporate sponsor of the 25th Gala Event in Hollywood.

It’s a small company and the culture will be defined by those that end up joining, but we’re off to a great start.

We have a liquid, whole food, nutritional coming out in three weeks then we will be doing a liquid nutritional specifically for vegans with teh help of Dr Walter Crinnion of Bastyr college.

You can check out the company here

I own an Animal Rights forum and have been looking for a way to pull everything I believe into alignment with work etc.
I just posted in my blog about this.too


Name: Bourgeois Boheme
Occupation: Vegan Shoes and Accessories online retailer

About Bourgeois Boheme

We are a compassionate fashion boutique with an ethical-business model that aims to facilitate an attitude of compassion towards animals, humans and the environment. We believe in the consumer’s voice and, by providing compassionate fashion alternatives, we hope to educate consumers that their conscious choice of an ethical product does make a difference in how people, animals and the environment are treated in the commercial world.

We specialise in vegan and vegetarian-friendly shoes and accessories, we sell our products online and via our retail showroom. For more information please visit our website – .

All employees of our company are vegan.