Lentil and TVP Stew


       4 oz / 115 g textured vegetable protein
       2 large onions
       1 L / 2.1 pints of the sieved / strained tomatoes stuff that comes in cartons and is %100 tomatoes
       4 carrots
       1 T oregano
       1 T basil (pesto is better, so use that if you can)
       8 oz / 230 g green lentils
       2 oz / 60 g macaroni (un-enriched)
       3 pints / 1.5 L vegetable stock 

Put the TVP, tomato liquid, the chopped carrots and the vegetable stock into a large saucepan and cook for half an hour with the lid on - it spits red everywhere if you don’t use a lid so make sure you do!

Add the herbs and salt and pepper (lots of them) now too. Then pour in the chopped onion after the half an hour is up. The lentils go in now as well. Then leave it to cook with the lid off and lower heat for another twenty minutes.