LANSONES "lansium domesticum"

“Lansones” or “lanzones” is the common name Filipinos have given to the fruit of the plant, Lansium domesticum (scientific name). This plant is cultivated in tropical climates in Southeast Asia, South America and India.

There is little agreement with regards to the naming of the plant within Southeast Asia alone–in Thailand, it is called longkong or duku; in Malaysia, it is called langsat or duku-langsat; in the Philippines, it is indeed known as lanzones.

However there exists no formally-recognized direct English term for this fruit as yet. Certain quarters contend that the Americans are more prevalently calling this fruit “lanzon”, but so far such a term remains unaccepted, if at all unsubstantiated.

By all indications, practically all the existing English terms for this fruit and plant have so far been limited to those that have been derived or adapted phonetically from origin-al nomenclature.

As an example, the supposed term “lanzon” is presumed to have spawned from the Anglicized pronunciation of “lanzones”. The original tri-syllabic pronunciation devolved down to two syllables. This was combined with the conversion from what was interpreted to be a plural word form (lanzone-s), into to a singular word form (lanzone)–when in fact the original Tagalog term is a collective (non-count) noun.

As such, if you are to refer to this plant or to its sweet fruit, you may want to use the original Tagalog term “lanzones”–both in form and in sound. After all, chances are you could be referring to a fruit that was harvested Philippines–perhaps even right from its folklore origin, Paete, Laguna! (where the fruit is reportedly becoming hard to come by).

Healthy benefits: Contains Vitamin C and E, and has a good source of antioxidants properties. Lansones also can prevent diarrhea as I try it myself which is effective by eating the meat of the fruit.1. Bidder poisonous centipede bite
Seeds of fruit lansones be sharpened and placed on the wound or bite.Fever in children seeds from the fruit-polishing lansones rubbed with water to the stomach, chest and forehead of children. Diarrhea
skin boiled and drink every 4 hours. … re=related

This video only shows how does a lansones looks like… it is I season now in our country… hope I can show you how yu eat this… but it is just easy… Lansones are so sweet…