KFC Petition - Stop Cruelty To Animals!!!

Please sign my petition asking KFC to adopt more humane living conditions and slaughter practices in it’s slaughterhouses for chickens. It will only take 30 seconds and will make a great deal of difference!

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Thanks and please foward to everyone you know,


Signed… But…

I completely understand how some vegans choose to boycott those establishments that have their entire business focused on meat… However… I’m a little different. I think we should be going to fast food every bloody chance we get and buy whatever they happen to have that’s vegan. The more vegan foods we demands at outlets, like KFC, Burger King, Jack in the Box, etc., the more offerings they’ll have. That not only make our lives easier when it comes grabbing something to eat in a hurry, but it also brings vegan foods out into the mainstream where more people will have a chance to purchase and try them. I remember I took my two stepkids to a local (privately owned) burger place. I ordered their veggie burger for myself. One of the kids decided he wanted one. He hasn’t eaten a regular hamburger since. It’s only by forcing our food decision out in the open that we can use our almighty dollars to create lasting change in the food industry.

Unfortunately it will not make a great deal of difference. :frowning: Asking for better conditions for animals is actually an animal welfare approach (and thus shouldn’t be in this forum to begin with because this forum is about animal rights) that encourages humans to feel better about using non-human animals as property. The longer we continue to say that KFC has a place in our world at all if they continue to adopt better measures, the longer animals will continue to be used. We wouldn’t say, well, treat such and such a person better before you rape/kill/beat them. Don’t say it about non-human animals.

We should adopt real animal rights stances that say that animals have the right to life and not to be used as property. It is not a right to be treated better before you are killed. That is ridiculous.