Keeping pets - zoo's - good or bad ?

I personally feel disgusted when i see dogs and other animals chained but on the other side they are being brutally tortured and have nowhere to go .I hate zoo’s too as I don’t find any sense in caging animals and feeding them ( which they would be able to do themselves) and getting money . Am i the only one with these thoughts running in my mind ??

As far as pets go, most animals that we have as pets are domesticated and are not wild animals. The issue is to care for animals as pets in the same manner as you would on a sanctuary farm in which the animals have proper care, diet, room to run and play and are not restricted.

As far as zoos are concerns, for the most part, the vast majority of animals in zoos are rescued from the wild (not captured) or born in capitivity from animals that were previously rescued. Being born in captivity makes it difficult to reintroduce these animals into their natural environment. Although, this is the goal for the most part. Zoos have done a lot of work with helping animal species that have become endangered and on the verge of extiction with educating zoo visitors. With the exception of retiles and birds, and aquadicate life, most animals on zoos have acres to roam. I know that this is not the natural flow of nature itself, but zoos do more good than harm…and gnerally animal care takers treat them very well…

Circuses on the other hand…completely wrong.

I completely agree with Chris here. For Zoo’s, well I support and don’t support them (if that makes any sense at all :stuck_out_tongue: ), Zoo’s have breeding programs (well, some or usually they do. I haven’t done my research :blush: ) for certain animal species. Which is great!..since we’re…kinda killing the planet and all its beautiful animals with it :frowning: so it helps! but I don’t support the caging and conditions. If the animals had larger and more open space, then I would support it. But thing is, most zoo’s don’t.

I think most of the time, zoos suck. But sometimes if they are tring to keep an animal from going extinct, it’s a good thing. But yeah, exotic pets are very unneccesary. If you really want a pet, you should adopt a dog :wink:

circuses and zoos are nothing but prisons for intelligent and sociable animals. they are completely wrong and totally unnecessary. same with exotic pets, animals are not fashion accessories.

i disagree these so called preservatory systems are artificial ways of living.

It is good for our safety. but it is not good for any animal. Many European zoos are not give acceptable facilities to Animals. so after looking that I want to say that Animals are not got freedom. so it is not good for them.