Kathy Freston's book, VEGANIST

I’ve finally read that book, ’ ‘veganist’ by Kathy freston. I’d learned a good deal more than I knew prior, by reading this most informative book. While I’ve been eating a primarily vegan diet for the last couple of years, the book made me recommit myself to a vegan diet. I will stop buying icecream, which seemed to be the one holdout for me. While I’ve never supported factory faming of animals ( horridly cruel) , this book taught me how prevalent it is, and that it’s a major cause of global warming, as well as causing lots of epidemics, and a billion starving humans. Scary indeed. As well, the book taught me that a vegan diet can prevent or reverse cancer, a
disease i greatly fear. Too, it can prevent diabetes and heart disease.

(Also, I have been microwaving my food in glass only. And drink only frOm bp free plastic, glass or metal containers.)

Veganist is a great book. Going vegan has a lot going for it… 1) better for your ethics, 2) better for your health, 3) better for the planet, 4) less expensive, and so on. Kathy took all these issues and more and put them into one easy to read book that, if read by everyone, would probably get a great percentage of people to give up meat. I find that people generally don’t have the slightest idea of all the reasons it’s better to be vegan. All it took was one clandestine video shot on factory farms and slaughter houses to convince me, but most people never see those videos or get that information. Because Veganist is so easy to read, I’m going to buy dozens of copies and include them with every Christmas present I give out this year.

I am very interested to that book? May I know in where exactly I can buy that book? and what is the specific name and author of that book? I am very interested to that because I think it can help me a lot especially in terms of diseases. Thank you very much. :slight_smile: