Kale Salad

Sesame-Miso Dressing

* 1 Tbsp miso, any variety
* 2 Tbsp brown rice or apple cider vinegar
* 1-2 tsp brown rice syrup
* 1 tsp toasted sesame oil


* 3 leaves of kale, chopped and massaged
* 3 large mushrooms, sliced and marinated
* 1 avocado, chopped
  1. Make the dressing first by stirring all 4 ingredients together until smooth. Set this aside to allow the flavors to combine.
  2. The mushrooms can be prepared up to 5 hours in advance by putting the slices in a covered container, sprinkling some sea salt on them and shaking them with the cover on. This will draw moisture out of the mushrooms and they will wilt and soften.
  3. Prepare the kale when you are ready to serve by chopping it up, sprinkling some sea salt over it and massaging it until it releases some moisture and starts to wilt. Add the avocado and mushrooms, then toss with the dressing. I hope you enjoy this kale salad recipe, the latest of my healthy vegan recipes.


This is very nice salad i will try at my home it’s delicious. Thanks for sharing this recipe.

this is a very testy salad. but without sesame, fennel and dill powder is not perfect test

Wow, it really tastes delicious. The ingredient listed here are pretty cool and it can actually add a wondrous flavour to this yummy salad dish. More than vinegar, I prefer to add some filament or little fresh lime juice drops. That makes me wow and crazy for salad. Apart from these even if you for vege- salads or chicken salad prefer olive oil some time rather than any other kind of oil. It is beneficial to the health.

Great post, thank you. I’ll try to cook this tonight