Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary (all veg) needs your suppor

Jungle Friends Primate Sanctuary (all veg) needs your support in Facebook contest to win 20k.
Jungle Friends is a primate sanctuary (monkeys, no apes) in Gainesville, Florida. No meat is allowed on property. It is a pure vegetarian sanctuary that encourages others to go vegan through their “Volunteers to Vegans” program.
Right now, JF is in a contest to win $20k on Facebook in the Chase Community Giving award. The top charity (non profit) wins 250k! One hundred and ninety five runner ups will win $20k. Jungle Friends has over 100 monkeys (capuchins, spider monkeys, squirrel monkeys, tamarins, marmosets) and is at capacity for accepting monkeys, having outgrown the county restrictions. We are raising $ to buy the property next door so we can expand and offer homes to monkeys retired from research labs or surrendered by their “pet owners” caught up in the exotic (wild) animal pet trade. Please help. If you are not on Facebook, please join. If you are on Facebook, log into your account. Then go to www.junglefriends.org. Next to the blue hand, it says “How do I vote?” Review those directions than click on the blue hand and click “Get started.” It’s very easy and will take less than 5 minutes of your time. If you know monkey lovers, please pass this info on to them. VOTING ENDS JULY 12th.
Many thanks!
Jungle Friends volunteer