Jumping Babes

Hi friends of animals!

I thought of a wonderful idea…

I saw on a TV documentary about an Italian man
who lost a friend to AIDS.

He wanted to do something, so he started jumping up
and down in back of announcers on live TV broadcasts
and inflating condoms.

Now he’s famous.

He’s the Italian condom man.

Everyone in Italy knows and loves him. (Except the
live announcers.)


So it struck me.

Why not have Babe jump up and down?

We could have Babe, the wonderful pig,
be popping up during live sports events,
live news shows and other live TV broadcasts.

And Babe could be holding a sign “Please don’t eat me”
and in little letters, if you wish, BLF, Babe Liberation Front,
or PETB, People for the Ethical Treatment of Babe

And Babe could pop up all over the world

Over and over again.

And never stop.

Even two or three people doing this again
and again could gather the attention of the
whole world!

Is that a good idea?

I put this up on this site a few days ago.

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I want to see jumping Babes all over the world.

Children will support and look forward to Babe
unexpectedly jumping up and down on live

I love this idea!!! ^_^)/

I’ll try to find and post these. Could you help too?

  1. Times and places of live TV broadcasts throughout
    the world, including the US, Europe, Asia, etc.

  2. Color photos of Babe that can be enlarged and
    printed out at Kinko’s or elsewhere and made into
    a mask.

If you do a jumping Babe, please have someone
photograph it and e-mail me a copy too.

I’m hoping to do one soon here in Tokyo,
where I live, in front of a morning news show,
Zoom in Asa, that has a window facing the

I think Fox and Friends has a live background

Do you like this idea?

Thank you!



This is a really nice Idea.
Now we need this “Babe baloon” and a crazy guy who wants to become famous :slight_smile:
Any suggestions how we get these things? :unamused: