Julia is new here

So I’m new here. I decided to join Vegtalk.
First I’m Julia and living at home with my mom.
The main reason I joined these forums were to get ideas of what to make her for dinner. Also to make sure I’m getting enough protein. For a while now I have felt weak, and dizzy. I use to not feel that way even though I was vegan. I do not know what has happened.
So I joined to fix that. And make sure I get the recommend nutrients my body needs. Also to find food that my mom will enjoy.
She eats pizza and ice cream every night. I want to find some recipes that she will enjoy. She normally does not like vegan food.
A little about me. I am a huge animal lover. The reason why I am vegan. I have a horse, a cat and a dog. I ride horses. I’m also a nerd at heart. I enjoy gaming, anime, science fiction, computers, programming, and comic books. I also enjoy hockey, bowling, and riding.
Copied from veggie boards intro post. I also joined that forum.

Hello Julia! I’m not the welcoming committee, since I’m new here too, but welcome! I notice you like anime and are interested in recipes! I happen to love anime as well, and, being new to veganism I have a huge interest in recipes, to break up the monotony for when I do start veganism. I will see if I can post links for recipes for you, do you know what you’re looking for, or are you looking for just anything, really?