Juices to reduce acne!!!

Juices to reduce acne:
Juicing is an excellent way to remove toxins form our body and provide skin with nutrients required to reduce and cure acne

=>Cucumber Juice: Cucumber juice is a natural diuretic and helps remove unwanted toxins and clear acne. Cucumber can be mixed with carrot juice or low fat buttermilk for acne remedy.
=>Carrot Juice: Carrot juice is an excellent blood cleanser and hence remove toxins and clarify skin. It is alkaline and helps neutralizing acid waste in the blood and hence reduces acne.
=>Lemon Juice: cleanses body of toxins.
=>Apple Juice: Apple juice has vital nutrients to help a healthy skin.
=>Cherry Juice: Cherry juice has vital nutrients required by our skin and is also alkaline helping to reduce acid in body and help with acne.
=>Lime Juice: Removes toxins and cures acne.