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Introducing the E-commerce Academy and Trade Platform by IIEC Global! :earth_africa::sparkles:

We are thrilled to extend a proud invitation to the vibrant vegan and plant-based community in joining with International Import Export Corporation (IIEC) Global in a shared pursuit of growth, prosperity, and positive change!

Our business encompasses two pivotal aspects: e-commerce educational academy and a B2B/B2C trade platform, and we are excited to extend this collaboration to the vegan and plant-based community.

Learn E-commerce: Dive into our specially crafted courses that demystify the world of e-commerce and digital marketing. Unleash your potential and master the art of online business.

Start Your Own Business:* With our powerful store builder, you can create your dream online store from scratch – showcasing your vegan products and sharing your passion with the world.

:earth_americas: Global Trade Platform: Connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and tap into our B2B/B2C trade platform. Expand your reach globally and become a part of the sustainable trade movement.

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Let’s create our future :seedling::earth_africa::shopping:

Lizzie (Co-Director) IIEC Global

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