1 raw mango, any Indian grocery store would have it.

1 bunch mint leaves(pudina)

5 green chillies

chilli powder, rock salt, amchoor powder to taste but to get the real deal atleast 4tsp each.

Alternately you can use the pani puri masala sold in grocery stores

2" ginger.

First boil the raw mango.You should be able to mash it.
Put the mint, ginger and all the spices in a blender along with the boiled, peeled and mashed mango and 2 cups of water and puree.
Pour in a serving bowl and add 3 more cups of water and salt. Mix well and taste.
Adjust it accordingly and enjoy as an appetizer or pani puri.

To make jaljeera powder: Mix together 2 tablespoons of roasted cumin powder, 1 tablespoon of dry mango powder and 1 teaspoon of black salt.

This version doesn’t used ginger and mint leaves…