Is The Internet Vegan?

In my quest to be as compassionate as I can, I find myself on the internet doing a lot of research. But, is this vast infrastructure created with animal products? Have lives been taken to create wires, servers, and the energy used to power it all? If so, is it ethical to use the internet?

For many, vegan does not go much further than a vegan diet. For others it includes clothing. Limiting animal products go in to your body and limiting what animal products are warn on the body. For some people the idea of removing themselves from the modern world because of its abuse of the environment for the sake of large society is a major issue. The idea of shunning technology is something that has been around for a long time, and is not unique to vegan of course. It is possible to create a world in which we do not have to conscientiously plan and farm and ultimately kill animals to exist and survive. There will always, just by nature of existence be animal casualties as a result of inadvertency or callousness for a large scale society. Outside of being vegan by controlling consumption and clothing which is the individual, there is definitely room for improvement for all other aspects of human impact on natural environments. I am all for science and technology for the purpose of expanding knowledge and benefiting human and natural life. The implementation of such things just needs to be more environmentally conscious at all times.

So I guess I need to get into the bleeding edge of technology and try to make it vegan huh sounds good to me! My major is information technology, seems like a good place to get a vegan foothold haha

being vegan means doing your best to reduce suffering whenever possible, and doing ones best to avoid using animal products. it’s not complicated.