Is Salt Vegan? Why or Why Not?

I have heard salt is not vegan, but alot of vegan products contain salt. Anyone know? Is there a specific kind of salt that is ok? Please help me!!

Some years ago I did a small research about the salt industry and I don’t remember a thing about using animal products in its processing. The salt itself is a mineral and the methods of its extraction involve only water and different kinds of machines.
Maybe you, or the person who gave you that information, confused salt with sugar? Filters based on bone carbon are often used during clarification of sugar, esp. cane sugar, so it’s always best to buy a brown one if you have a choice.

Thank you for clarifying about the salt. I think I heard it was not vegan because there was concern that possibly animals could get hurt in the process of obtain the salt. I, as most vegans don’t want to take any wrong steps, in addition don’t want to cut out anything I don’t have to. Thank you again for the info. Take Care!

Actualy animals can get hurt in the process of your going to supermarket.
You can step on an ant, and there are so many insects so small that you can’t even see them, that get killed by you every day. So I’m comming to a dread conclusion - living is not vegan. :slight_smile:

You are right. My question is because I am writing a vegan cookbook and am confused if I should include salt in some of my recipes. Anything that is or could be questionable will be omitted. Everyone had their own ways of being vegan and what is or is not critical, I want to appeal to everyone and may sure it is truely a VEGAN book. I find I learn something new everyday and don’t want to miss a thing in my book. As for the ants, no comment, they are not my favorite species. :blush:

A vegan cookbook you say… well, you could probably include salt in your recipes, as there always is a posibility to buy slat that is for sure cruelty-free (e.g. non-processed salty or some brands of marine salt), but generally salt isn’t too good for health I guess… However, I have a few cookbooks and they include salt in the recipes, so there should be no problem with this. Personally I don’t even buy salt or sugar, but I use a lot of soy sauce, which contains salt.
About your cookbook: when and where is it going to be released? Will it be printed or on-line? And what language will it be written in? There’s never too many recipes you know. ;-]

I am about 1/2 way thorugh with it. I’d say it will be out by the end of the year (called Sweetie Cakes, Simple Vegan Pleasures by Laurie Dolan). It is baking only. I will have it on Amazon and then US stores. Also looking to get it into the UK. So far only in English, and if that does well, then I am thinking of Norweigan, but not sure yet. I started writing it becuase when I first became a vegan, I found it very difficult to make baked goods. I love sweets but found alot of vegan ones to be to dry and not very tasty. Also, exotic ingredients. I just learned what flax seed is and I could never get those egg replacers to work. So I wanted to create a book for an unsophosticated but environmentally conscience vegan such as myself. Also, alot of those fancy ingredients get expensive. So we shall see. Like I said I am learning everyday and want it to be perfect and safe for people, animals and the environment.

Good luck with your book then! It’s a very good idea to make a cookbook focused on baking, I hope it will sell well. Unfortunately I won’t be able to get it (or I could, but it would be troublesome and expensive), but I hope you’ll provide us with some sample recipes when it’s out. :slight_smile:
If it proves so successful that you’ll be thinking about printing it in other countries, we (me and my wife) could translate it to Polish, and I’m sure one of these local vegan publishers could print it. But that’s a distant future I guess. :slight_smile: Again, good luck.

Thank you, you are very kind. If you want, give me your email address and tell me what you and your wife like, ie: chocolates, cookies, cakes, breakfasts and I would be happy to email you some recipes. I do use sugars and not sure what kind of markets you have over there, but I use specific vegan sugars and butters. But if you are an experienced vegan and your sources are limited, I am sure you will know how to substitute it. Thanks for your advice and encouragement. Take Care!!

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Hi… I did get your message, but am trying to think what I want to send you. I unfortunately have to go to work tonight, so tommorrow, I will come up with something good. Keep in mind that I have not edited anything yet, but I have some stuff I’d love to share. Have a great day. Oh and I will send you the recipes to your email address… Take Care! :smiley:

Ok, great. Take your time, I just wanted to be sure the PM thingy worked well (I haven’t used it before), not to urge you.
Have a nice day as well. :slight_smile:

It’s a good thing Salt is Vegan. . . it’s one thing that will definitely kill us if we don’t have it.

I remember watching this Discovery Channel program about this tribe (somewhere) who work all year long just to make products that they can sell to traders of salt.

They know without it, and from experience, that they will get sick and they will die.

My lolo once is a rock salt maker… they have told me how rock salt are made… I think, there is nothing unvegan with salt…