Is it right?

I came across this video, and it really made me wonder.

these people make it look like even being vegetarian is potentially unfair to animals. Could this be right?

. :blush: I tried to post a link to the video, but the forum will not allow it.

Can anyone give me anny tips?

Maybe because being vegetarian involves consuming products from animals. Once you’re a vegetarian, you may still drink milk or still use clothes made of wool… Maybe that’s why they say that it is potentially unfair to animals:D

Consuming dairy creates more suffering for cows because these sentient beings live longer and miserable lives attached to miking equipment . In order to continue producing milk, baby calves must be taken away from their mothers to be slaughtered while their mothers grieve for them. Milking cows lose bone calcium and finally they can barely walk to their slaughter when their milk production dwindles. Chickens kept alive for the purpose of laying eggs also become weakened, and they too are brutally slaughtered when their egg production slows.

I agree with you Wildsyrinx… Consuming animals products made them really weak :frowning:

It is true that the Vegetarians use the animal products like the leather bags,leather jackets,and lots of accessories, even some medicines also carries the animal products, what that is not direct hunting of an animal, nobody can help it, but it comes to the killing of animals for the food, it can be in hands of yourself.

One thing we all need to see is this. As with all the otehr creatures on this planet, we too have the right to food and habitat. Just as an owl builds a nest in a tree, we too have the right to access nature and materials to habitat. We have the right to access food. That being said…We can see the hurt, fear, pain animals go through in facotry farming and dairy production. Milk is stolen from cows for our consumption. Other mammals don’t steal milk from other mammals…and the quit drinking it when they are ready. Can one say that we are designed to hunt like other mammals do? Possibly…But to factory farm, and imprison animals and inflict pain and suffering is not in balance with nature. Frankly, I don’t know what scientific evidence is out their that supports the human race being omnivores or herbavores…from our physical design, one would gather that we are more herbavore, with some omnivoric characteristics. I have choosen to lean to veganism (which I am still working on) because I know without a doubt that farming animals is wrong, stealing their young is wrong, and stealing their milk is wrong…but we do have right to the earth’s bounty as other animals have the same right. Sorry for the epic response! :wink:

This is sheer cruelty and mean :cry:

It’s true that consuming eggs is cruel to chickens.

This video shows what happens in the egg industry. (Maceration)
Warning: It’s Graphic.
I’m sorry, but it needed to be known.